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Client Due Diligence Rebate

Creating a fairer, more affordable way for prospective purchasers to complete their property due diligence.

How does it work?
If you miss out on a property and need another Inspection Report you will receive a $50 rebate off your next Standard or Premium Inspection Report provided by us.

1. Reports must be for the same client on each occasion (non transferrable).

2. Valid for 6 months from the date of your full price Standard or Premium Inspection Report.

3. To claim your rebate simply quote the invoice number from your full price Standard or Premium Inspection Report provided by us at the time of ordering your additional Inspection Report.

Refund & Returns Policy

If the client cancels their request for an Inspection Report prior to completion Coastal Strata Inspections Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge the client for any expenses directly incurred in preparing the partially completed Inspection Report.


All fees quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars AUD and are inclusive of Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST).


The information supplied by clients will be used by Coastal Strata for the purpose you have requested. Coastal Strata may provide the clients mobile phone and / or email address to our property partners. Clients can opt out of this service by contacting us at info@coastsalstrata.com.au or phone (02) 4297 2555.

Inspection Report limitations

Our Inspection Reports are prepared by reviewing documents supplied by the owners corporation or by their strata managing agent. No responsibility will be accepted for errors or omissions should the report be found to be incorrect, as it is possible that some of the records were not made available for inspection. The information provided relates to strata schemes within New South Wales only. As legislation can differ between Australian States and Territories this information is not to be construed to apply to any other state or territory.

Coastal Strata Inspections accepts no liability to a third party in the event that this report is provided to a third party other than the client named in this report. Should a third party become in possession of this report an updated Inspection Report should be obtained.

Prohibition on the provision or sale of our Inspection Reports

Our Inspection Reports may not be sold or provided to any other person without our express written permission, unless the client is authorised to do so by legislation. If we give our permission it may be subject to conditions such as payment of a further fee by the other person and agreement from the other person to comply with this clause.

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